A week in summary (Kate Atkins)

29 September 2017

Author: Kate Atkins

This week, Rosendale headteacher Kate Atkins, shares a few of her thoughts and ideas.

In the classroom

This week saw the first of our new CPD initiative.  We are trying to use the lesson study model to develop a way for teachers to see and reflect on great practice in order to develop their own classroom practice.  Year 1 teachers watched our Lead Practitioner in Year 3, his blog about his experiences will be coming soon.

Our work on lesson study has developed over the last four or five years in partnership with UCL and funded by the GLA.  You can read more about our work as an Excellence Hub here:




Our new reception and nursery children have all started at school now.  Some have separated easily from their parents and some have found it more difficult.  It has been a real inspiration to watch the children begin to explore their new environment, construct new relationships and begin to develop new skills.  We have also brought the foundation stage curriculum into year 1 and the outdoor classroom is right outside my office window so I have been spending lots of time watching and learning.   I have gone back to look at the Reggio Emilia approach. Here is a good introduction



Weekend reading

I love this post talking about things that would have been useful to know earlier in your teaching career, articularly the part about the need for teachers to stop talking!

Why didn’t you tell me? 5 things I wish I had been told sooner

For consideration

This week I got to work with two key stage 3 literacy consultants from Hampshire.  They had come to see mixed attainment teaching but the conversation about teaching writing that we had after the observations were fascinating.  They talked about the importance of audience and purposes – giving children choices and asking why.

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