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Metacognition – Not Just a Growth Mindset

10 October 2018

Beyond Thinking About Thinking Educators are becoming increasingly interested in what metacognition is and how to incorporate it in their own unique school environment. This article explores Rosendale Research School’s journey of discovery; how we developed the ReflectED approach to metacognition and how we pinned down what metacognition was beyond the obvious ‘thinking about thinking’. […]

Posted on: 10 October 2018
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Metacognition Training – Reflections

1 October 2018

Last week, staff at Rosendale undertook an ALS (adult learning session) on metacognition, led by Research School lead Justine Paton. We asked some of the teachers who took part for their reflections on the session:   “It’s exciting and rewarding to teach a child who is a confident and ambitious learner, who is reflective and […]

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Pupil Premium – Making it Better

18 September 2018

It is currently fashionable to suggest that if we believe in things a bit more, if we get behind them, it will magically make things better and all will come good, despite the overwhelming evidence. As Philip Pullman says in his masterpiece ‘Clockwork’, ‘you don’t win by wishing… you have to train hard, strive your […]

Posted on: 18 September 2018
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EEF Blog: Grouping pupils by attainment – what does the evidence say?

7 September 2018

Danielle Mason, Head of Research at the Education Endowment Foundation, unpacks the evidence on grouping pupils by attainment. […]

Author: Danielle Mason, Head of Research, EEF
Posted on: 7 September 2018
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Achievement Unlocked

17 July 2018

North Yorkshire County Council and Rosendale Research School have run a year-long collaborative partnership programme called ‘Achievement Unlocked’. The programme focusses on improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners in North Yorkshire schools. This is the second cohort of schools we have worked with. The first was in 2016-17. The programme involves a series of school reviews, […]

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Spotlight on Disadvantage; new report for trustees and governors from the National Governance Association

10 July 2018

The National Governance Association have produced new practical guidance for Trustees and Governors on tackling educational disadvantage and making the best use of the Pupil Premium. Marc Rowland, our Head of research School, was a contributor to the report. The report has four key insights: The most effective schools are using evidence to inform their […]

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Improving communication, language and literacy in the early years

15 June 2018

Eileen Allpress, Director of Ipswich Research School, introduces the EEF’s Preparing for Literacy guidance report and explains how this evidence is brought to life at Highfield Nursery School and Children’s Centre. […]

Author: Eileen Allpress, Director of Ipswich Research School
Posted on: 15 June 2018
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Has a solution to retention been found?

8 June 2018

Nikki Jones, Director of Shireland Research School, discusses the problem of retaining early career teachers in light of the EEF evaluation of RETAIN: a one-year professional development programme for early career teachers teaching in Key Stage 1. […]

Author: Nikki Jones, Director of Shireland Research School
Posted on: 8 June 2018
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Great Expectations: Leading an Effective SEND Strategy in School

18:30–20:00 on 9 October 2018

David Bartram OBE will be speaking at our Research School on 9 October about his work. His new book published last month, ‘Great Expectations: Leading an Effective SEND Strategy in School’ is a selection of essays from leading educationalists (including Head of Rosendale Research School, Marc Rowland) and school leaders, highlighting the significant role that school […]

Posted on: 2 May 2018
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Improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners

28 April 2018

Rosendale Research School is pleased to announce the launch of a new report, Improving outcomes for disadvantaged learners, delivered in partnership with Hampshire School Improvement Services. This report considers the ac!ve ingredients for a successful strategy for tackling educational disadvantage. This is drawn from Hampshire school visits, case studies and the external expert input given […]

Posted on: 28 April 2018
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