Spotlight on Disadvantage; new report for trustees and governors from the National Governance Association

10 July 2018

The National Governance Association have produced new practical guidance for Trustees and Governors on tackling educational disadvantage and making the best use of the Pupil Premium.

Marc Rowland, our Head of research School, was a contributor to the report.

The report has four key insights:

  • The most effective schools are using evidence to inform their decision making when spending Pupil Premium. But some governing boards could be more outward facing and consult a wider range of evidence sources.
  • That schools need a more holistic approach to spending pupil premium. That pastoral and teaching and learning strategies should be intertwined.
  • That the quality of practice in managing and maximising the Pupil Premium is highly variable.
  • That the Pupil Premium is only one strand of the school’s strategy for tackling disadvantage.

You can read the full report here

Posted on 10 July 2018
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