Lesson Study: Research in classroom practice

10 May 2018


Lesson Study: Research in classroom practice

Who is this for:

  • School leader attending with a teacher colleague

Course Details:

This programme will introduce participants to the principles, process and practices of Japanese lesson study, an approach to teacher professional development.  The high performance of Japanese pupils in PISA, and other international league tables, has been attributed largely to this research approach to teacher learning.

Lesson study supports teachers to work in cycles of practice and reflection in which they:

  • identify a research question
  • explore the evidence base for their research proposal
  • work in collaborative groups to plan a research lesson which tests the proposal
  • teach the jointly designed research lesson and gather evidence as to its success
  • discuss what was observed and the wider implications for teaching and learning

The programme supports practitioners to lead groups of teachers engaged in lesson study research in their own settings.  Led by school practitioners of lesson study, alongside experts in the approach, the programme blends practical experience of lesson study with a theoretical understanding of its goals and processes.  A full set of materials is provided to enable participants to cascade learning to colleagues in their own settings.

The programme offers two thematic foci, from which participants can select their research theme:

  • using collaborative learning to raise attainment
  • developing self- and peer-assessment to enable successful learning

Course overview:

Launch day (full day):
What is Japanese lesson study?
How best might we adapt Japanese lesson study to the UK context?
What are the principles that underpin lesson study and the practices that ensure it has impact?
How do we identify our research question and plan for impact through lesson study?

Session 2 (half day):
Live observation of a research lesson

Session 3 (half day):
How does the research lesson planning process benefit teacher learning?
What does an effective research lesson proposal look like?

Session 4 ( half day):
How can we manage the research lesson and post-lesson discussion so as to maximise learning?

Personalised half day coaching visit from a Lesson Study Lead Practitioner

Session 5 (full day):
What have we learnt from our research projects?
What are the ‘dos and don’ts’ of impact evaluation of lesson study?
What are the most effective strategies for scaling up lesson study in your school?

The programme is designed in partnership with Collaborative Lesson Research UK, an independent group of educators that promotes high-quality lesson study practices, which engage teachers with evidence and enable them to make positive changes to their own practice.


  • Sessions 1 and 2 – Monday 8 October with follow up session in this week
  • Session 3 – Wednesday 31 October
  • Session 4 – Wednesday 14 November
  • Session 5 – Wednesday 19 June

Venue tbc

Cost is £800 per school plus booking fee and schools are invited to send two members of staff to this programme, ideally a senior leader and a classteacher.


To book, visit https://bit.ly/2KbinO4

If you have questions, email researchschool@rosendale.cc


Posted on 10 May 2018
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